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Digital Illustration

D G Designs is your source for all types of inspirational illustrations. By applying creative knowledge and artistic insight to the discipline of digital illustration, D G Designs is able to create imaginative, thought-provoking and delightful imagery for all types of projects.


Consumers get their first impression about your company through your logo. A logo should create a powerful impact on the viewer and successfully display the nature and attitude of a business. A professional image can be as simple as text only or use complex symbols to represent the company ideals and philosophy. Making it unique and professional is what is important.

Print & Advertising

Print is not dead, it is evolving. QRs, digital scanning codes and short URLs have become all the rage. These items are a perfect fit for your printed marketing and advertising materials. Unlike digital media, print has a way to move and transform the way we look and perceive things. If done right, print makes a direct impact in the minds of your audience. Advertise your company with business cards, brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, rack cards, newspaper and magazine ads, and more. Business owners are becoming more aware of the critical importance of advertising campaigns. These campaigns play a pivotal role when it comes to raising brand awareness and boosting sales in a fast and effective manner. The purpose of an effective advertising campaign is to attract and maintain loyal customers. An effective campaign also aims to increase credibility — one of the most important factors that define a truly reliable company or business.

Websites & Social Media

*Major design changes to sections of previously created website.

eBooks vs Print Books

Publishing a book now encompasses various choices — from traditional publishers who pay you, will handle most things for you and assume all risk in exchange for certain rights to your book, to self-publishing where you handle everything yourself, pay your own way, and adopt your own risk. The convenience of carrying our personal ‘read-anywhere’ library of books on one small, lightweight device is very compelling and many people are opting for this choice. However, some readers say digital versions don't seem to impart as deep a connections as those that you get with print. The choice between eBooks and printed books is a personal preference. Print books do not have to disappear for eBooks to flourish, and eBooks don't have to be the only choice. D G Designs has the capability to help you with your next book, whether an e-book for Kindle, Nook, or iBooks or a book in print.


Many websites are using touches of animation, from full-screen moving images to small hover effects. Animation is trendy, fun and user friendly. With high-speed connections and the ease of creating anything from simple movements to several minutes of animation, it has become a useful web design tool.



...there was a girl who loved to draw and work on computers....


Deborah worked in the graphic arts industry for 12 years as an artist/project manager, before deciding to go out on her own. D G Designs was established in 1985 as a sole proprietorship. The company is a full-service, graphic design studio with an emphasis on creativity, quality and service. A source for informative and inspirational graphics, D G Designs helps you solve any design problem.


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D G Designs

Deborah Gotto




In the Presence of Horse: Combining Perception, Energetics, and Instinct for Safe Equine Ground Handling


A Guide for Holistic Practitioners


Every human/horse relationship will benefit from understanding what motivates a horse, how the horse views his world, what makes him feel calm, confident and trusting, and what sets his fears in motion. Journey through the equine mind and learn to anticipate his reactions so you can work safely during a healing session.  This book has been set up to give you the basics of both the practical and energetic aspects of the horse psyche and how to handle and work with a horse safely. If horses are handled respectfully with methods they understand, everyone involved — practitioner, horse and owner — will be happier, safer, and the healing session more productive. The book is packed full of inspirational photographs of horses and illustrations to make learning simple.


PDF book - 87 pages - $5.00


Please contact Deborah at dgdesigns@me.com to purchase book in pdf format. Payment must be made through PayPal.


Book also available on Apple Books in ebook format.





Pet Portraits


Do you want to immortalize your animals companions on canvas?  Anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet knows that the bond between humans and animals can be extremely strong. Many of us have shared our lives with a variety of animals and want to create a lasting memory of them.


Using photos you provide, I can create digital artwork of your animals that can then be printed on canvas. Canvas sizes range from 8x10 to 40x60.  Artwork prices will vary depending on the number of animals you would like to have included.


For more information, contact Deborah at dgdesigns@me.com to discuss your needs and to get pricing.

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